Moving Forward- by Sikora

So juggling 2 jobs of which one is London based means something has to give and sadly that’s the frequency of blog posts.

But. As mentioned, we’re still here and business is very much open as usual! We’ve got some great ideas for blog posts going forwards in terms of content and presentation so certainly watch this space!

There has been a lot going on recently culminating in the EU Referendum which resulted in the UK opting to leave the European Union, certainly a talking point for small businesses! Amidst the chaos of all things Europe- or not, we’ve been booking events for Christmas and pushing through new products which is always a really exciting time for the business. We can’t wait to get the new products in front of you, with exciting ideas and gifts galore coming forward this Autumn. The best way to keep track of this will be through social media such as our facebook, twitter and instagram posts or on our lovely website– first shout will always go to those on our newsletter list so here’s to a shameless plug for getting the latest straight to your inbox…

More importantly, we’re lined up for the following events and the finalised dates for your diary at this stage to include Burghley Horse Trials, The League of Friends Ludlow Christmas Fair and Country Living Christmas at Ascot.

So here’s to a Summer of hectic excitement getting ready for a fantastic Autumn!

Jo x

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