How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug


Whilst we love to keep you up to date with our ongoings, we thought it was about time we tackled some of the bigger, or at least more pressing issues surrounding all things Sheepskin.

We quite often get asked about how best to clean the beautiful sheepskin rugs that people buy from us out and about at various shows and events throughout the year so the time has come to put it down in writing for you to share with those who need to know most. If you’ve had your sheepskin for a while, now is the perfect time of year to get stuck in to cleaning (and if you’re looking for one, we can help here…). So, for future reference here’s the by Sikora guide to cleaning sheepskins!

Step One: Shake It! Shake, shake, shake, shake it

Give the sheepskin a shake. This removes any larger unwanted particles likely to make a mess of your washing machine. You can also at this stage comb your rug to remove any slightly more stubborn large particles using a sheepskin comb (which looks startlingly similar to a dog grooming comb, which is the item I suspect is more likely to be to hand, no?).

Step Two: Into the Machine (or get those rubber gloves on…)

It is quite fine to pop your sheepskin in the machine. However, there are a few small points to note if this is the washing option you choose. First things first, the cycle. There are mixed reviews on-line as to whether a cool wool wash is appropriate, or whether a delicates wash is preferable. We would recommend a delicates wash, just to be on the safe side.

The next point relates to detergent. You can buy specialist sheepskin cleaners which are the best option, but not a necessity. A regular NON- bio washing powder in small amounts should be fine. Do not at any point think a biological detergent is ok! This will destroy the fibres within your rug crating one big wet and woolly mess in the machine- to be avoided at all cost.

The alternative option is to hand wash your rug in a tub. If this is the option, the same rules apply, lukewarm water and non-bio detergent. Rubber gloves, optional… Apron, essential.

N.B: If you have a DYED SKIN this will need to be SPECIALIST DRY CLEANED. Unless of course you’re an avid fan of the dip dye/faded sheepskin look and the trail of coloured dye all over your washing machine/ utility room/ bathroom. 

Step Three: Roll and Squeeze

Let’s face it, coming out of the machine that sheepskin is going to be pretty soggy. The best pre-drying option is to roll the sheepskin, squeezing out any excess water. It is not advised that you twist the skin in order to wring the water out as this could distort the shape of the skin.

Once the excess water as been removed, lie the sheepskin flat and allow to dry naturally. Do not hang it on a washing line and absolutely never tumble dry. Once dry, should you feel the need, you can comb the sheepskin through again for a softer, slightly less rustic finish.

Step Four: Enjoy

Return your sheepskin rug to the place it can be most enjoyed by all members of the household, except perhaps the dog.

Sound like too much effort? Take a look at our beautiful collection of brand new clean sheepskin rugs here.


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