Well, February has been a much needed breather!

With the run up to Christmas being everything that you would expect it to be, then January being busier than anticipated, it has been good to have some time to wind down and reflect upon what we’ve learnt and again, where we’re heading amongst the trade show follow up.

We’ve been continuing to work with Helen from Ascendancy Internet Marketing on developing our website and so are in the process of re-jigging the website slightly which is really interesting. We’ve learnt so much we didn’t know about all things internet, but we’ve got such a way to go! It’s perfect timing too, as it means that by the time we hit Autumn 2015, the by Sikora website will be looking fantastic and operating even better!

On the topic of the website, make sure you check out our Sale, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of grabbing our stunning accessories while the going is good! Whether your hitting the slopes or heading to the Cheltenham Festival, there is something for you to keep you cosy and looking fabulous.


And perhaps more importantly, do bear in mind that Mother’s day is fast approaching, so for a gift with a difference, get in their quick!


We took the opportunity of things being a bit less hectic as a brilliant excuse to go out and visit the youngest sibling on his season in Kitzbuhel, Austria, for a couple of days on the slopes. Those of you who have met him whilst helping at the Christmas shows may be surprised to hear that he was less than charming (no, really), but did manage to ski with his big sister on the proviso certain runs were tackled. Check! To say the least, our ski skills have increased notably, though Gluhwien certainly helped!

IMG_20150224_221916 IMG_20150225_191806 IMG_20150226_160556 IMG_20150226_182011

In other news, we’re continuing to meet with shops around the country who are looking in to taking on our products for the coming Autumn/Winter. Whilst it doesn’t feel that we’ve left the existing blustery season, our thoughts are already underway for the next! So as mentioned, if you know of any shops which might be interested in our products, UK or otherwise, please do get in touch on Within this category falls the innovative e-tailer WishWant, who we are happy to be confirmed as working with for the up coming Winter season which is very exciting!

Finally, in the same breath, we’re developing new products which is, without question, the absolute best bit! Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted! Though, if you’re not yet signed up to our newsletter, you can do so by clicking the ‘Newsletter’ icon at the bottom of our website footer, as it would be such a shame to miss out on any important news or offers!

On to March- set to be another more upbeat month, so until next time!


Jo x

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