January Blues

With January already waving goodbye, it’s bizarre to think that the first month of 2015 has already passed.

We started January by introducing the Clearance section of our website which is certainly worth a look! With some of the cosy old favourites in there, so that we can make room for some beautiful new sheepskin items, don’t miss the opportunity to purchase what are fantastic gifts (yes, you can buy gifts for yourself…) whilst the temperature is being very British and less than generous.

Having introduced our Clearance section, we headed to our first ever trade show, Top Drawer London, held at the ever spectacular Olympia. This was amid slight panic, having not been to one before and having booked in late, however it worked out to be a positive experience. We were fortunate to have some great neighbours in the forms of Chachoulie, Leju and Ottoman Hands, making the slightly slower Tuesday a much more bearableĀ then it might have otherwise been. Thanks must go to my fabulous cousin for hosting me yet again whilst down in London.


From Top Drawer, we had a few days to follow up before jet setting (of sorts) to the beautiful French Alps for some down time. Whilst we may have sworn that there was going to be an overload of picturesque images following our trip, the truth of the matter is… we were too busy skiing and generally having a great time, so you’ll have to make do with the scarce few we managed! However, if you are yet to hit the slopes, make sure you don’t go without one of our beautiful and uber-cosy sheepskin headbands, because even if you wear a helmet, there is always the apres! You can view the range here.

IMG_20150118_140227 IMG_20150119_165211 IMG_20150123_165754

Whilst away, we heard from our growth vouchers partner, Helen from Ascendency Internet Marketing. We’re working with Helen through the growth vouchers scheme to improve our on-line presence and, as a result of our working together, we’ve managed to be included with some local PR about the scheme. No doubt when it’s all out and in the open, we’ll be telling you ALL about it, so keep those eyes peeled. On a more serious note, the growth vouchers scheme is a really great opportunity for small businesses to gain expert help in areas that they realise they can’t do all by themselves. The scheme ends in March so if you run a small business and think you could do with some support from HR to marketing, Management to digital technologies, take a serious look. Quickly.

In other exciting, though less pressing developments, we met with UKTI to learn more about exporting. This is something that in time we would be very interested in developing, but we are very aware also that it’s one step at a time. It has allowed us to be better informed and means that we put processes in place so that we are firing on all cylinders when the time comes, which is very exciting!

Finally, another small business shout out… We’re involved in the WiRE conference this year (in a behind the scenes capacity) so a shameless plug is completely necessary! It’s on the 31st March up here in beautiful Shropshire and is set to be an inspiring day, guaranteed to have you leaving brimming with ideas.

And that’s a wrap for another month. If you have any queries or great pics of you in your by Sikora goodies, get in touch, it’s always great to hear from you!


Jo x

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