The Final Farewell.

Happy New Year!


1st January 2015. As good a time as any to look back on the last month of what has been an exciting 2014 for by Sikora…

Rather unsurprisingly, December was another busy month for us. Having just got back from Country Living Harrogate, we launched in to the final Christmas flourish, staring with the Harper Adams Students Union Christmas Fair. It was lovely to be back at Harper, though pretty scary too- time flies and it’s starting to hit home that uni wasn’t exactly yesterday.

This should have followed with the Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants Christmas Fair, but a heavy cold put a dampner on that and we really unfortunately had to pull out. This was such a shame as it’s a charity that we enjoy supporting through attending their events, but not to worry, we will be back.

Next we headed to the More London Christmas Market by Tower Bridge- what a great spot! We weren’t fortunate enough to spot Boris whilst we were there, but we did meet some great people, both traders and customers. All songs ‘Christmas’ in nature were here on in a no go, having listened to the same track listing on repeat for two weeks, but it was a great, if not long, two weeks before Christmas.

IMG_20141208_150646 IMG_20141209_142643 IMG_20141209_153035 IMG_20141210_165507

Over the two weeks there was a lot of back and forth from Shropshire for various events and meetings, one of which was a Christmas meal organised by another young business friend who I went to New York with back in September, so it was lovely to have some sort of ‘works’ Christmas festivities, even if was followed by a 6am alarm clock the following morning! Fortunately, this was the last pre- Christmas event and it was time for some well earned rest, of sorts. What that really means is, go home and pretend you haven’t exhausted all festive spirit- we just about got there…



And so we head into the New Year with lots of exciting things ahead! We now have a clearance section on our website, so make sure you don’t miss grabbing yourself a bargain as we head in to the coldest of British months. You can shop the clearance page here. We’re also planning on using our growth vouchers to make the most of our on-line presence, so be prepared to see more of us!

Finally and perhaps most important to note, not that we’re gloating (read reeeeeaaaaallllly flipping excited!) is that we will be ‘out of office’ 17th – 24th Jan as we head to Meribel to hit the slopes. Expect LOTS of pictures of headbands and mittens and snow. End of story. If you have any queries in that week, emails will be picked up remotely, but immediate response cannot be guaranteed. Orders can still be placed in this week, they just may be ever so slightly delayed in getting to you, hopefully you can bear with us.

So with a big smile and glass of bubbly, here’s to 2015 and all that it brings! Remember, we love to hear from you and always welcome suggestions of where you might like to see us, out and about of in shops.

Jo x

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