Summertime Sadness and the Big Apple

So the summer has well and truly come to an end so now for a round up of the last two months and an insight in to what’s ahead!

August was a pretty quiet month in may ways, getting busier towards the end of the month which we finished in London…

Now we’ve all heard of Liberty London, but few non-designers know of their Open-Call event which allows young designers to put their products in front of the buyers. I had deliberated long and hard about attending this and when I finally registered was told that the event was fully subscribed. I received two further emails saying that my application had been reviewed and would I attend. Urm, yes! However, despite arriving early the queue was huge and after a six hour wait, I sat down for my three minute stint with the menswear buyer. Not who I would have perhaps hoped for, but he knows what he’s talking about! Unfortunately he didn’t think that by Sikora and Liberty were a match made in heaven at this stage but he did like the products so here’s to the future!? It was a hugely worthwhile trip and it allowed me an initial contact point with the buyers which anyone who is in business will know is exceptionally difficult to obtain.

Liberty London

We followed this by heading to Old Spitalfields the following day, where we are again this coming weekend (Sat 6th Oct)- we hope to see you there and get you wrapped up for Winter! Here we exhibited our super-duper new display shelving which has been a long time coming and worked wonders on how our pitch looked!

The start of September brought about the delivery of our STUNNING new range of sheepskin accessories that I am so unbelievably excited about, it’s untrue! Think mittens, fingerless gloves, headbands and scarves. Think super soft, ultra cosy and uncompromisingly stylish. You can shop the range here.

by Sikora embossed sheepskin mittens

I am so excited about the beautiful embossed accessories and even more so about the fact that our gorgeous little sheep logo has been stamped on to the products! The range compliments our slippers beautifully and I cannot wait to be out and about with the products more over the coming months.

by Sikora Sheepskin Accessories

With our array of beautiful products we headed down to The Royal County of Berkshire Show. Personally, I was particularly excited about this show as we had heard such good things about it, but unfortunately for a number of reasons it is not something we are currently looking to return to despite it being a beautiful event and a great visitor day out. However, we met some fantastic people, possibly some of the friendliest traders I have met to date, which makes life so much easier!

Newbury Show

We are currently in the process of finalising our Winter Events of which a list will soon be available so make sure you stay tuned to our facebook and twitter accounts to keep up to speed.

Now if you do already follow us on facebook or twitter you’ll know that we were blogged about by Ike from FashionAscenion, which was VERY exciting and which you can read here. I met Ike down at a business Start Up event in May and was thrilled when he said he would like to do a piece on us. I was equally happy with the result! Please do have a read and let us (and him!) know what you think!

And finally on to what has been the highlight of September so far…! by Sikora hit NYC! Yes it was a business trip, a pretty whistlestop one at that (1 3/4 days in the big apple!?) but really great. I finished my ‘summer job’ on Wednesday lunch time to allow packing time for flying on Thursday! The ‘GoGlobal’ trade mission was organised by Enterprise Nation and consisted of 65 small businesses hitting NY at once! Special thanks has to go out to the sponsors, Gatwick Airport, Norwegian Air, UKTI and UPS as without them this trip wouldn’t have been possible. Flying on Thursday night, we headed straight to the hotel to get our heads down in preparation for the big day that was Saturday. Saturday consisted of us meeting with Etsy, eBay / PayPal and Squarespace in their NY offices, with seriously inspiring talks about how they got to where they are now from Stephen Messer of Collectiv[i] and Judith Clegg of Takeout.

by Sikora meets eBay

Both Stephen and Judith brought a healthy does of realism to the table thanks to their honesty which really motivated a lot of the Brits in the room! Saturday evening brought about a hectic turnaround and drinks reception at the Paramount Hotel with UKTI, allowing us to discuss any Import/Export queries we had with them and letting them point us in the right direction. Saturday was effectively a half day which I used as a photo opportunity (mixed with a touch of tourism!).

by Sikora PHC in NYC

Fingerless gloves and the Empire State Building

POM keyring in Central Park

This was more of a hardship than you might have expected (honestly!) as the temperature was a soaring 27 degrees- not exactly winter sheepskin weather! But the pictures were worthwhile and have given us a bit of social media content for the short term. Saturday evening we flew home and it was such shame to say goodbye to all of the fantastic people we met, but no doubt it is a network of business contacts that we will continue to dialogue with for years to come. Furthermore, I can honestly say that America is a market I am keen to crack when we’re a bit more established here!

Monday was a planned lie in but hey, when is life in business ever like that! I headed with some of the businesses I met in NY to a small business event hosted again by Enterprise Naton in Birmingham. Ignorance prevailed and there was a huge amount of confusion over the high level of security in place until we came to the front of the library to be met by the Conservative Party Conference! This certainly led to some interesting meal time discussions later in the evening!

And so now to mass catch up of a summers worth of admin (recipts, urgh!) and really pushing things forward! Here’s to another busy month.

We would love to hear from you with any feedback regarding our brand, where you would like to see us, or just for your thoughts so please do get in touch!


Jo x


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