Gearing Up

July- again a busy month!

Of course, this is no bad thing. We started the month with the eagerly anticipated Great Yorkshire Show, and how Great it was! After a fun, but not hugely profitable time at the Three Counties Show, we really needed a bit of a pick me up, which the GYS proved to be. The GYS also allowed us to preview our brand new banner- and it looked fab!  Given the success of the event, it is probably inappropriate to winge about the 12 hour show day, the rainy day marquee dash (with subsequent wringing out of the table cover) and the very early starts… but this was all helped along of an evening by a top notch Margarita from the Hotel across the road! Overall, A really friendly show with a great atmosphere and plenty to see and do, this is exactly what a British Agricultural Show should be- We will be returning!


IMG_20140708_223253 IMG_20140708_223459 IMG_20140708_223716 IMG_20140709_212421

Now onto other shows…

From North to South! We’re heading down to the Royal Berkshire Show. This isn’t a show we’ve been to before, but we’ve heard nothing but good stuff about it, so here’s hoping it lives up to its reputation. We were hoping to get to the Midland Game Fair, but it remains to be seen as to whether or not the reluctant brothers can be roped in to quite literally run the show… Watch this space.

On another note, we were very please to see the Sunday Times Style Magazine run a feature called ‘Quirky Does It’ where they quoted having a ‘furry bag dangler’ was ‘this seasons hottest trinket’! It is a shame that it wasn’t OUR POM keyrings that they were featuring, but hey, you can’t win them all and well, we were up against Karl Lagerfeld… You can get the look here.


2014-07-27 22.12.07


Whilst we’re talking all things product I guess now would be the time to talk a little more about what we’ve got coming up! We’re waiting on a few sheepskin accessories for the Autumn/Winter- perfect for hitting the slopes this coming season or just for those blustery autumn walks! Either way, the order is in and we can’t wait to share our new creations with you… Here’s a sneak peek:


2014-07-22 18.57.45

On another note, we’ve been thinking about ways in which we can make our stand look better when we’re out and about so we’ve got some new props desparate to get out to an event. I never thought I would be getting excited about stand props but what can I say…  All the same, with our new banner, props and accessories we should be looking pretty swish this season so make sure you get out to see us where you can.

Finally, we’re really keen to raise brand awareness and get our products in to shops, so if you can think of somewhere that our products would fit really nicely then do get in touch and we will look to make it happen!


We love to hear from you, be it on twitter, facebook or by email ( so please do get in touch!

Jo x

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