May. The in-between month.

We started the months by heading down to Old Spitalfields in London again. Having asked for a corner stand and not been given one, it started as an uphill battle. Fortunately, the girl on the corner went home early opening up the perfect opportunity. Cue a drastic, whole table top (display still in place) move to the corner and the main isle! It certainly got us some attention at any rate, making the day much more worthwhile! I have to thank my lovely cousin for her help that day and Dave too, both making driving down to London and back up to Shropshire in one day much more manageable.

May has also been a month of learning, having attended the WiRE annual conference and the SMARTA 100 start-up bootcamp.

The WiRE conference had the usual line up of inspiring ladies making you really think about how you approach your business, as well as letting you know that those tough moments- everyone has them! The WiRE conference has a really positive feel and is a big encouragement which we all need from time to time. ‘On the sofa with Jan Constantine‘ was one session I found particularly reassuring, as she spoke about how she has got to where she is now. In short, she’s just kept battling on (obviously with beautiful products!). Another of the workshops (Isla Wilson-Ruby Star Associates) had us work in small teams and look at problem solving in a new way- with tin foil! Here I am sporting a pair of rather fetching alu-specs!

Jo - What (1)

The SMARTA bootcamp was a different kettle of fish- equally useful. High growth was the name of the game here, with an eclectic but highly experienced panel of speakers covering most business areas. Where here I felt I was slightly more challenged and a little overwhelmed with how they were presenting the business world, I came away with a huge amount to implement. Personally, the most useful talk was from Mark Attwood from Attwood Digital. He spoke about making a website work for you and actually do what you paid all that money for!

On another note, we’ve been looking at potential stockists, so if you know of a shop, big or small, where you think our products would sit nicely we would love to hear from you. It’s always exciting to see your products somewhere new, just waiting to be discovered by someone who will love them as much as we do. We’re also (always) in the process of booking events so again, do get in touch if there is somewhere you would like to see us. In the near future we have the following coming up;

  • 13th-15th June Royal Three Counties Show, Malvern
  • 21st June Islington Centre for Refugees Summer Fair, London
  • 8th-10th July Great Yorkshire Show, Harrogate

We can’t wait to get back out and about properly and meeting new customers and catching up with old.

Finally, this bank holiday weekend we’ve had a mass stock room spring clean and stock take. I can honestly say, hand on heart, this is my least favourite job (even worse than accounts!). However there are a few perks, such as being completely immersed in our beautiful products. Now it’s just to enter everything on to the computer… And on that note, until next month!


Jo x

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