Spring Greetings!

As a break from the monotony of the essential admin side of business (most notably, the dreaded and ridiculously time consuming stock take), yesterday we headed down to the Country Living Magazine Spring Fair at the Business Design Centre in London. We are looking to exhibit at one of the Country Living Christmas Fairs and so it seemed like a great excuse to pop down for a day in London and have a look at how people dressed their stands as well as gauge how they felt the event had gone for them. It turned out to be a really interesting trip and I met some fab exhibitors. I had a great chat to Liz from Liz Mangles woodcarvings, who was amazingly helpful and had some beautiful sheepy items, most notably a fabulous life-sized sheep with sheepskin body and carved wood head! Definitely worth a look. It’s always nice to meet people who are willing to be openly helpful to new businesses. On the same stand was Baa Stool, high quality sheepskin footstools. We also saw two little spring lamb twins on the Kirkwood Estate Stand, who we were lucky enough to get a picture of- maxing out on the cute factor!

Spring Lambs
Spring Lambs

The 20th of March brought about the first day of spring and with it, we launched a spring sale! Which coincides nicely with Mothering Sunday, for those of you still wondering what you’re going to get for ‘Mum’, the super star in your life without whom little would actually happen… www.bysikora.co.uk 

On another note, we’re still begging for your votes for the Intuit SmartBooks marketing competition, so if you’re reading this and you’ve got a few minutes please do click here and vote. Trust me, we really do appreciate the support!

Finally, perhaps most excitingly, we are off to Poland again next week! We’re popping over to visit our suppliers and to chat about how we develop our existing products as well as looking at the development of new products. At present our products are made in Poland, but using British skins- which is something that we are looking to continue and develop further through our new products. We will also be eating copious amounts of the most amazing cakes which makes it a pretty good thing that only our bags get weighed in on flights!

So now you know that there really is something to look forward to in next months post! Until then…

Jo x


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