Time to Tan

It’s nearly the end of February already, where is the year going!? But more importantly, where are the blog posts…? I apologise for slacking slightly on the blog front. We’ve been getting on with a lot of behind the scenes admin here at HQ which isn’t really blog fodder. It turns out forward planning in business is something I’m going to have to get my head around, sharpish, being a natural last-minute Larry…

You might have seen on our facebook page that we had a battled our way through the downpours to the Devonia tannery in Devon, which was amazing. We learnt so much more about the tanning process and the pre-tanning requirements. Check out this video detailing the process;

Perhaps the key thing we learnt was that the requirements of the abattoir and the tannery are different, causing a compromise in the quality of the meat or, more commonly, the skin. Many breeds, in particular the long haired rare breeds are slower to mature, meaning that they go to the abattoir later, having already begun to malt, weakening the wool and reducing the quality of the results of the tanning process. Whilst at the tannery we asked a lot of questions about an all British supply chain, from lambing to production to completion, with emphasis on British rare breed sheep in particular. We were rather surprised to find that actually, there wasn’t really an all British supply chain. A lot of sheepskin products labeled as British will undergo a fair amount of production in the UK, but more often than not, not all. This is certainly piqued our interest and is worth looking in to, even if it is just out of curiosity…

Now we may have mentioned previously that we had been chosen for one of the ‘Best Selected Exhibitor’ awards by Show Review UK which, if you hadn’t noticed, we were very excited about. The issue in question with our press release is currently in print and coming out next week, something we really can’t wait to see. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to post a preview on our social media pages!

On another note, rather shamelessly we’ve entered a competition to win funding to boost our marketing campaign. Having managed to write nearly 600 words on why we should win, we discovered the limit was actually 600 characters. Minor detail… We have LOADS of ideas we would love to implement but unfortunately being a new business we don’t have quite the budget to accommodate it. We would love it if you could spare two minutes to vote for us here. You can only vote once a day, but you can vote daily, so all votes really, really appreciated.

That’s it for now, but do keep checking back for any progress reported!

Jo x


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