Up for air!

So the November frost is upon us and we’re well and truly getting in to the swing of all things Christmas here at EWE HQ! Which means a quick blog post as I come up for air before an insanely busy month a head (I’m already dreaming of the elusive lie in… turns out maybe business start up is somewhat similar to having a baby- without the sick!?).

Since our last post, we’ve been back down to Old Spitalfields Market in London, which was really great! The market has such an upbeat atmosphere, with some really different stalls and is certainly worth a visit whatever it is you’re looking for- it has been my favourite venue to date (though we have some pretty impressive venues ahead of us)! We certainly benefited from being slightly more organised on this occasion, resulting in a really enjoyable and much less stressful outing! I can honestly say that we are learning from our mistakes, even if it is sometimes learning the hard way! Every time we set up somewhere new I think of ways to improve things, which I guess means I’m winning somewhere!?

Old Spitalfields Market, London
Old Spitalfields Market, London

We’ve also done a number of smaller local venues, with mixed results as was expected, but all a great learning curve at any rate, with something good coming out  of each outing. It’s great that, being out allows you to network with people, some of whom have been doing this for years and are often more than happy to dish out a few useful hints and tips, of which are always gratefully received. As a result of getting out and about, we’re increasingly getting a better idea of the demographic that we are selling to, which is fortunately pretty much as we had hoped and expected. This is such an important thing to know, in order to asses how we choose to progress and go forward over the coming year- another blog post altogether!

Things have also been picking up with our online orders which is exciting, pending the launch of our new website (www.eweslippers.co.uk)! This is an area that we are really keen to develop over the coming year so it is fortunate that we’ve managed to get stuck in to it early on.

And so, on to those all important, up and coming dates;

Sat 16th & Sun 17th November- Dudmaston Hall, Bridgnorth, Shropshire
Thurs 21st – Sun 24th November- The Festive Gift Fair, NEC, Birmingham
Sat 30th & Sun 1st December- Shugborough Hall, Staffordshire
Fri 6th December- Islington Centre for Migrants and Refugees Christmas Fair, London
Sat 7th December- Old Spitalfields Market, London

It would be great to see some of you at these venues, we love meeting new people and getting feedback face to face, especially when they appreciate a good slipper!

And so, back to packing for this weekend and enjoying the little bit of sunshine that we’re getting!

Jo x

Autumn in Shropshire
Autumn in Shropshire

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