The Fear

As time goes on and we get marginally, piece by piece more established, it pays to look back on the long way that we’ve come in order that we can look forward to address future issues.

I’ve titled this post ‘The Fear’, primarily referring to the feeling (mixed with a good dollop of excitement) that filled me right down to the pit of my stomach after launching the facebook page for EWE by Sikora. Now this I appreciate, sounds like nothing, but it was a huge step! For a start, there is every chance that if you’re reading this now, you’ve reached the blog through the facebook or twitter page! Facebook is a social media network with roughly 30million users in the UK alone (approx. 500million active users worldwide!!!), what a great opportunity! But in putting the business out there in such a public way, completely exposing it to a potentially international audience, you’re  opening up in a way which, up until now even the idea itself had not been exposed to. Mildly intimidating to say the least. It certainly makes the business seem very real and completely removes the option of backing out!

At the same time as publishing the facebook account, we put our products on ebay purely for the purpose of having an online point of sale whilst the website is under development. I can’t exactly say this was a quick fix solution for now, as there was nothing quick about it! I’m no technophobe but nor am I some webby whizz, meaning the ebay user guide somehow seemed to evade me even at its simplest, but we got there in the end and it’s been a useful insight into online sales and trends.

As an aside, it’s exciting to state that we’re being stocked in Hannah Darby at Number 7, a ladies wear shop in Albrighton- here’s to getting out there!


Speaking of the website… we’ve also had a very exciting website meeting which was really encouraging and I can only thank Jeannie and Paul at Remote New Media for their support so far. One of the biggest drawbacks (but also a huge positive at the same time) when starting out on your own is limited honest feedback. Most people will fall into one of two categories which consist of what they think you want to hear, or alternatively absolute negativity. Neither is particularly constructive, so it was refreshing to go somewhere and talk through the product with people who have met many businesses starting out, therefore giving them the credibility when passing on any advice they might have. It’s certainly nice to know that whilst there are still things to work on, you’ve been getting something right.

However, being told that ultimately, you should never lose that ‘fear’ is pretty reassuring too. Always better to be kept on your toes;

“You will never be entirely comfortable. This is the truth behind the champion – he is always fighting something. To do otherwise is to settle.”
― Julien SmithThe Flinch

Jo x


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