Action Stations…

So, it’s been a while since the last post and we’ve been busy bee’s here at EWE HQ.

Perhaps most importantly and quite frankly, the greatest milestone so far is (drum roll please…), yes, we’ve taken the delivery of our first order! HOW exciting. Cue the overwhelming thrill of walking into a garage full of boxes to be bust open to discover, our stock! Definitely something worth coming home from the family holiday to find.

However. Excitement swiftly subsided giving way to sheer terror, how many pairs!? Further fuelled by the reality that the UK was experiencing a heatwave, not known to be the slippers closest friend…


Mass unpacking, sizing and stock taking followed (along with a much required garage sort out!). And so, now, time to start selling!

I can honestly say that I’m definitely learning as I’m going, with SO much still to get done by the end of the month because, hey, there’s nothing like setting yourself targets! There’s certainly more to this running your own business malarkey then I had imagined and at no point was I foolish enough to think it would be straightforward. Thanks can only go to those keeping me focused, as well, I suppose to my brothers for keeping me grounded because that’s what they do best!

Jo x


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